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Accident Investigation Unit

The members of the Accident Investigation Unit are specially trained in the physics and forensics of vehicular accidents. Some are reconstruction experts, and are able to completely reconstruct the conditions at the time of the accident. Working with the Crime Scene Photographers, these deputies produce court-ready data books that concisely detail each accident they investigate. Like the Mounted Patrol, this is a volunteer unit, made up of regular deputies who perform these tasks in addition to their normal duties.

Bicycle Patrol Unit

The deputies currently assigned to bike patrol responsibilities operate as highly visible and mobile units that can respond to special terrain or area problems that are inaccessible to standard patrol vehicles. These units are widely accepted and welcomed by area residents and frequent the jogging and bike trails that have been a haven for mischief and criminal activity in the past. The bikes are specially designed for patrol activities and personnel have been trained in the tactical use of the bikes for these type of specialized operations

Clean Air Task Force

The Harris County Clean Air Task Force is tasked with enforcing state laws, codes, rules and regulations pertaining to improper vehicle emissions and the sale or distribution of counterfeit registration insignias. This Task force will help crack down on fraudulent, fictitious or improperly issued Vehicle Inspection Reports. Vehicles that circumvent the emission laws contribute to health threatening pollution and many of the vehicles are accidents waiting to happen due to faulty brakes, bald tires or some other safety hazards. The State vehicle inspection program is designed to help keep vehicles safe to operate as well as to help reduce air pollution. Our program, which is supplanted by grant funding, consists of Task Force investigators who work behind the scenes to reduce the number of fraudulent, fictitious or improperly issued automotive state emission inspections.

Crime Scene Photography Unit

The deputies who make up the Crime Scene Photography Unit are trained in all aspects of crime scene photography and videography, including night and low light photography. They respond to any major crime scene and supplement the investigating officer's report with photographs. Some have also extended thier expertise into other types of evidence collection and documentation. This is also a volunteer unit, made up of regular deputies who perform these tasks in addition to their normal duties.

Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Unit is a specialized division which falls under Victim's Assistance, and has similar duties. Whereas the Victims Assistance deals with the victims of all crimes after the fact, the Domestic Violence Unit targets domestic violence incidents and will respond to those calls in progress. This allows them to conduct an on-the-scene evaluation of the situation and to assist the complainant in the filing of protective orders, charges and compensation claims as needed. They also offer referral to resources within the community.

Due to the alarming frequency in Harris County, family violence is the number one cause of injury to women. No one should have to endure family violence. No one. Ever. Period. But unfortunately it does–and when it does, there is help. The Harris County Pct. 4 Constable's Office, Victim Assistance/Family Violence Unit was established in 1994 to combat this problem.

Maybe you have first hand experience as a victim of domestic violence, maybe you have a friend, co-worker or neighbor who is being abused right now. Who ever you are, where ever you are, we want you to know that you do not have to put up with the abuse and you are capable of living a life free of violence.

Our goal is to intervene where violence has occurred by placing a priority on victims' safety and promoting a community wide response to reduce violence against women. The Constable's Department approaches these concerns in several different ways. First, with the criminal justice system by making lawful arrests of batterers. Secondly, with the victim by providing an immediate response and crisis intervention with emotional support, counseling referrals, and alternatives to the violence. Thirdly, in the community with public awareness and education in the prevention of family violence. Family Violence is a criminal offense and prosecuted like any other violent crime!

Victims Assistance Unit

Our liaisons, trained in direct on-scene contact and victimization, assist victims of violent crimes and domestic abuse by directing victims through the compensation application process, intervening on behalf of the victim and their families to employers, and by keeping them informed of the status of the investigation and legal process. They also refer clients to counselors specifically trained in these services and intercede with health care providers. They strive to return the victim to a pre-incident level of functionality and reduce the overall impact of the incident on the victim and their family. Their secondary goal is to increase educational awareness that results in enhanced concern for the areas of victimization.

As a victim of a crime, you may experiencing psychological and emotional trauma. The Harris County Precinct 4 Victim Assistance Program is committed to restoring the respect and dignity of crime victims through crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, education, information and referral. Every effort will be made to provides services to individuals who request assistance from law enforcement.

Addressing the needs of a victim will in turn facilitate the victim's' and witness's' willingness and ability to cooperate with the Criminal Justice System in the investigation and prosecution of the crimes.

Special consideration is also directed to law enforcement officers and the community in educating them in the victimization process and recognizing the needs and rights of crime victims.

High Tech Crimes Unit

The High Tech Crimes Unit provides the community with a set of investigators specially trained to deal with crimes involving technology and the internet.  They work in conjunction with the Internet Fraud complaint Center, The Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Houston Area Child Sexual Exploitation Task Force.  This unit also provides educational opportunities to civic groups and schools/educators to help make them aware of dangers poised by the internet.

 Also taught by this unit is the basic computer crimes course, and identity theft education.  The officers of this unit have fostered many cooperative working relationships with State and locale agencies across the country and with numerous federal agencies.   Members of this unit are also on the TCLEOSE committee tasked with identifying the needs and curriculum for a certification path designed for Cybercrime Investigators for the State of Texas.

High Water Rescue Unit

Precinct 4 has personnel and equipment dedicated to high water rescue in the event of flooding such as that which occurred during Tropical Storm Allison.  Located at the High Water Rescue and Command Center facility are a "deuce and half" military style transport truck capable of navigating high water for rescue purposes.  Also located there is 21 foot center console outboard motorboat.  The Deputies assigned to operate this equipment have received special training from the U.S. Coast Guard to better prepare them to perform rescue services.

Honor Guard Unit

The Honor Guard is a volunteer unit that represents the Constable's Office at special functions and funerals. They wear dress uniforms, hats and braid to distinguish themselves during their duties. Commanding respect wherever they appear, the Honor Guard is the pride of the patrol division and constantly represents the professionalism of the department.

Recruiting Division

The Recruiting Division is responsible for processing applicants through the hiring procedure. This includes physical agiity testing, academic testings, background investigation, and departmental orientations. Evey effort is made to acquire and carefully scren the best candidates for employment at Precinct 4.

Internal Affairs Division
Precinct 4 personnel are held to the highest standards of conduct and ethical behavior. The Internal Affairs Division is responsive to the community regarding complaints against members of the department. Every complaint is investigated thoroughly and corrective action is taken where necessary.

K-9 Unit

Our canines are qualified for patrol and search operations and have been used successfully for locating lost and missing persons. The teams have been very helpful in tracking fleeing suspects and in building and residential searches. The narcotics dogs have been used widely by the department to locate and seize narcotics. These teams, canines and their handlers, are recognized by local and federal agencies and are frequently used for searching suspect vehicles and buildings. Each K-9 lives and works with his handler and becomes a part of their family, working with the deputy like a partner. These units must pass a strenuous selection process and are responsible for regular patrol duties as well. Special thanks to K9s4COPs for all their support!

Mounted Patrol

Our Mounted Patrol has been trained specifically in search and rescue operations. Each member and his mount go through rigorous training in preparation for their activities. The Mounted Patrol unit is often seen at public functions and holiday events. Their presence at local malls and shopping centers lends to the comfort and security level of our community.

Parks Patrol Unit

In addition to regular patrol responsibilities, our Parks Units patrol the County Parks and Recreational Facilities.  These Units often make use of ATV's to allow them to patrol areas of the parks and the county that are not accessible by regular patrol vehicles.

Regulatory Enforcement Unit

The Regulatory Enforcement Division is responsible for the inspection and regulatory enforcement of businesses that appear to be questionable or suspect in the nature of their operations. Often illegal or unlicensed activity may be associated with some types of businesses, especially sexually oriented businesses, massage parlors, and eight-liner gaming activities within some bars and stores. Constable Herman invites you to assist us in this endeavor by reporting any suspicious or illegal activity via our online reporting system.

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to view the lastest enforcement activity by the Regulatory Enforcement Division.

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Contract Support Unit consists of trained investigators who specialize in investigating Theft related crimes. These crimes include residential, commercial, and vehicle burglaries, fraud, and forgeries. The goal of the SCSU investigator is to provide support to contract deputies whose cases require an inordinate amount of time to perform thorough investigations. SCSU investigators conduct interviews of witnesses, suspects, and complainants, and frequently search pawn shops and follow leads to recover stolen property. SCSU investigators have had a great success in identifying and prosecuting suspects and recovering large quantities of stolen property.

Often one of the problems that make the recovery of stolen property more difficult is the lack of documentation by the owner of important information such as serial numbers, model numbers, etc. An organization by the name of Leads Online has developed a system for securely storing this information on line. Click here to view the flyer or visit their website for more information about this service.

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