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On-Line Services

In an effort to save you the time and trouble of making a phone call, our office allows you to make requests for information and to report problems or suspicious activity on-line. (Any emergency or potential life threatening situations should be reported immediately to our dispatch center via telephone at (281) 376-3472 or 911) All forms will be forwarded to the appropriate division for follow up and review. All of our printed publications are also avaible on-line.
  • Business Security Check - This form is for requesting an inspection of your business to address possible security concerns. The goal of this service is to provide you, the business owner or manager, input on how to reduce the risk of crime occurring at your business.
  • CPA Application - This form is for submitting an application to attend the Harris County Constable's Precinct 4 Citizen's Police Academy.
  • Extra Patrol - This form is for requesting extra patrol services in an area due to criminal or suspicious activity.  Please be detailed as possible in describing the problem so that our Deputies may be better able to solve the problem.
  • Home Inspection Request - This form is for requesting a security inspection of your residence by a certified Home Inspector.
  • Home Inspection Checklist Form - This form (PDF / Adobe Format) lists the specifications for a property to qualify for insurance premium reductions.
  • Open Records Request - This form is for the submission of an Open Records Request.
  • Regulatory Violations - The Regulatory Enforcement Division is tasked with enforcing and investigating violations of regulatory ordinances. This includes illegal gambling operations masquerading as “game rooms” and sexually oriented businesses hiding behind the guise of being massage parlors. Included in this second form of illegal activity is one of this nation’s most heinous crimes…Human trafficking. The work continues but we need your assistance. If you are aware of or suspect the illegal operation of an illicit massage parlor or game room please let us know by clicking here.
  • Traffic Complaint - This form is for reporting a dangerous traffic problem at a particular location or area.  This form is usually used to report problem with traffic violations such as vehicles consistently running a stop sign or speeding.  In order to assist us in solving the problem, please be as detailed as possible when describing the nature of the problem.
  • Training Request - The training request form has been replaced with our online training registration for in-service classes and our on-line training website.
  • Vacation Watch - This form is used to submit a request for a vacation watch on a residence within a Precinct 4 Contact. If you are not sure if you reside in a Precinct 4 Contract please click here for a list of Precinct 4 Contracts.

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Precinct 4 in the News
Precinct 4 in the News
Precinct 4 in the News
Precinct 4 in the News
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