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Patrol Division


The Patrol Division, in addition to being the largest, is the most visible part of the Constable's Office.  The duties of the patrol division include high profile marked patrol, emergency and non-emergency response to calls for service, on scene and follow-up investigations, crime prevention and traffic enforcement.

patrol In addition to the public roadways and district patrol services, our deputies are responsible for law enforcement in the County Parks as well as the Hardy and Sam Houston Toll Roads. Many subdivisions opt to participate in the Contract Deputy Program as a way to supplement existing law enforcement services, which accounts for the majority of our uniformed personnel - deputies who would otherwise not be on patrol.

patrol The Patrol Division operates out of six substations located throughout the precinct and consists primarily of motorized patrol via patrol cars, motorcycles, and ATVs.  In addition to motorized patrol, our Bicycle Patrol, provides law enforcement services to areas that are inaccessible via motorized patrol. Click Here for information regarding the organizational structure of the patrol division.

Civil/Writs Division

civil divisionThe Precinct 4 Civil Division processes (receives, records, receipts, servers, and returns) all legal documents originated by Precinct 4 Courts.  This division is responsible for the service of Civil Process, including Citations and other notices, Writs of Garnishment, Writs of Attachment, Restraining Orders, Protective Orders, Writs of Possessions, Writs of Reentry, Writs of Sequestrations, and Writs of Execution.

Communications Division

communications divisionThe Communications division consists of highly trained dispatchers and call takers. Using the Computer Assisted Dispatch system, or C.A.D., they distribute calls for service and manage patrol resources from their command center. They are the deputies life line in times of crisis and his liaison to other agencies and the public. In addition to these duties, the dispatchers are also responsible for confirmation of wanted persons/vehicles though TLETS/TCIC and NLETS/NCIC, messaging services to outside agencies and for monitoring the TDD for the deaf.

Records Division

The Records Division maintains all offense, accident and statistical data for the department. Records personnel are responsible for up dating case information and ensuring that the department complies with the legal issues pertaining to the Open Records Act and required record keeping. Additionally, they prepare and mail statistical data to contracting entities and respond to over-the-counter requests for reports and geospecific crime data. This is also the place the public comes to get copies of accident reports and also the public release synopsis of offense reports generated by our deputies. To obtain more information on how to get copies of reports for offenses and copies of accident reports, please call our records division at 281-401-6215. They will be glad to help you.

Reserves Division

For over 30 years, the Constable's Office has benefited from dedicated assistance from an active Reserve Division. The number of active reserves fluctuates but is usually around 100. These reserves are trained to the same standards as full time deputies. These highly trained volunteers work on a non-paid basis. They are assigned to each of the major divisions; such as Civil, Warrants, Technical Services, Administrative Records, and Patrol. Typically each reserve deputy serves at least 4 hours per week. Many reserve Deputies have been hired as fill time officers by the Constable's Office. As fully certified peace officers in the State of Texas, Reserve Deputies have the same authority and responsibility as full time law enforcement officers in the state.

Reserve Officers come from a variety of backgrounds and vocations which include salespeople, bankers, construction workers, teachers, firemen, pilots, and many others. A typical reserve Deputy has a strong desire to be actively involved in his or her community and to be a part of the law enforcement profession. Being a Precinct 4 Reserve Deputy requires a commitment of time and dedication, but offers professional law enforcement training and practical first hand experience that are second to none. The men and women of the reserve division are indeed a select group of outstanding citizens. If you would like to join us, please click here to see the employment requirements. Click Here to visit the Reserve Division page.

Technical Services Division

The Information Technology (IT) needs of the Constable’s office are handled by the Technical Services Division.  The personnel of this division possess a wide variety of specialized skill sets.  The division personnel include network engineers, programmers, computer forensics personnel, investigators, and technical support personnel.  They are tasked with the planning, maintenance, research and development, hardware and software deployment, systems upgrades, and repair of all systems and equipment related to the Department's computer needs.

Some of the duties of this division include:
  • Management and maintenance of the networks at all the Department’s substations including server management, data storage, and network security.
  • Management of remote site communications via dedicated T1 lines, optical fiber, and microwave communications.
  • Maintenance and support the patrol vehicle MDT's (Mobile Data Terminals), radar systems, and digital video recording systems.
  • Management of the wireless communications between the patrol vehicle MDT’s and the Department’s network.
  • Mobile Command Center deployment and operations.
  • Software development and deployment.
  • User support and trouble shooting.
  • Internet and Intranet website development and management.
  • The testing and evaluation and training related to the acquisition of new equipment which keeps the Department on the cutting edge of technology. 
After the 911 events, this division worked federal and local authorities in our area to assist them with field investigations.  In the time to follow, through the efforts of local and federal authorities, the RCFL (Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory) for the Houston area was established.  Our Department currently has personnel assigned to the RCFL who have specialized training by the FBI in the field of computer forensics and investigation.  During and after hurricanes Rita and Ike, personnel from this division were continuously on duty providing support and insuring that there were no interruptions in dispatch or patrol operations.

Training Division

trainingThe Precinct Four Training Division is certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education, as a Licensed Training Provider. Our instructors are dedicated to providing quality TCLEOSE training and continuing education hours to the sworn personnel of any Texas law enforcement agency. Our curriculum is constantly changing so as to reflect the fluid nature of mandated state training guidelines, as well as, the ever present need for classes designed to address officer safety. All Precinct Four training is free to any law enforcement officer. The Precinct Four Training Academy is located at 330 Meadowfern, 2nd floor, Houston, Texas 77067.  Click Here for training schedules and contact information.

Warrants Division

The Warrant Division is responsible for serving Warrants and arresting fugitives in Precinct Four. Most warrants are the result of traffic violations and hot checks, and the deputies systematically locate and arrest defendants using a variety of tactics. A dramatic increase in warrant service was achieved through an innovative Computerized notification system, the product of cooperative effort between the local Justices of the Peace and the Constable. If you know the location of someone with outstanding warrants please contact our warrant division at 281-401-6255 or dispatch at 281-376-3472.

Specialty Units

Within Precinct 4, there are many different areas that the deputies have shown the ability and expertise to specialize. The units are respected by other State and Local agencies as being the best in their respective fields. They have been used by other agencies to assist in crisis management and critical incident intervention.  Click Here to go to the Specialty Units page. 

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